About Our Mission

TruLakes was founded in 2017 by three Michigan friends who were passionate about the outdoors and loved to spend time around the water. Whether it was fishing in the Au Sable River or kayaking on Lake Michigan, we noticed that every year the amount of trash in the Great Lakes seemed to be getting worse and worse.

Despite the size of the problem, we wanted to take on this problem of plastic and trash pollution that is becoming an increasing problem in the Great Lakes.
That is where TruLakes was born. Through the sale of our signature bracelets we are able to work to remove plastic and trash pollution through various and ever-growing methods, including underwater, boat, and beach cleanups. 

We believe that each individual can make a huge impact on the health of our coastlines and lakes, and we can do this working together. One bracelet removes one pound of garbage - a simple solution. 

We believe that even a single pound of trash in our lakes is too much, so we appreciate all genuine efforts that work towards the same goal. We are working hard to make our lakes great and hope you can join us in our mission!